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Service Policy

 Across the country, we are providing technical service support to over 2000 systems with a team of engineers and technicians who were trained by foreign and domestic experts. The technical team is consist of service specialists who are specialized on different system types and also they are deployed to different regions of country as İzmir,İstanbul,Ankara,Antalya,Diyarbakır,Adana 
 Our technical service support policy, which is one of the most effective ways of providing the stability and continuity of the instruments after sales, covers all across the country and includes the terms of 7/24 serving principle with the team of which is entirely mobilized. Our service intervention does not exceed 24 hours, even in the most remote corner of the country, as long as the physical transportation conditions are convenient. 
 It’s considered that the single point control logic of the whole country might create some regional difficulties, therefore the service organization is established in three different cities (Ankara,İzmir,İstanbul) as sub-centrals. Each service office has its own daily program and reports to the head service office in İzmir.
 In all these sub-central service offices which also have ISO certification ,our service personnel can perform daily service activities , service trainings and preventive maintenance of the systems. Also these offices have their own spare part stock warehouses for providing logistics to our service specialists.